9 Most important facts you may not know about Morocco

  1. Morocco is currently ruled by the 2nd oldest rating  dynasty (after Japan) in the world . The king Mohammed the six, is the 23rd king from the house of Shorfa Alaoui which came to rule Morocco in 1631.
  2. The oldest university in the world is the University of “Qaraouin” in Fez. It was founded in the year 859 in Fez and it is currently the oldest operating educational institution worldwide.
  3. Morocco was the 1st country in the world to recognize the United States of America. During the American revolution, the U.S merchant ships were getting attacked by pirates in Atlantic Ocean, Sultan Mohammed the 3rd, announced in December 1777 that the American merchant ships were under his protection. In 1786 a treaty of friendship was signed between Morocco and America. It’s the oldest camp friendship treaty.
  4. “Argan oil” is produced in Morocco. It’s the most important fact about Morocco. Argan oil is used for cosmetic and food products worldwide. The Argan tree grows only in regions around Agadir and Essaouira.
  5. Morocco’s culture has stunning diversity. The population is mainly classified into Arab and Berber, with Arabic and Berber languages being the main spoken languages in the country. Though moving from one area to another almost feels like traveling to another country. The Andalusian spirit and the French influences are present in the northern and the southern areas of Morocco.
  6. Morocco is one of the important and most popular film setting in the world. Many European and Hollywood movies were shot in Morocco like: mission impossible, Babel, the Mummy returns, kingdom of heaven …
  7. The rare “Thuya Wood” has been coveted ever since Roman times. Thuya wood has basically always been synonymous for Wealth and Luxury. That rare type of wood can only be found in the western foothills of Atlas Mountains. It was the first world wood to be used by Rolls-Royce for producing one of its luxurious car dashboards.
  8. The Moroccan cuisine is one of the best in the world. The Moroccan cuisine was actually ranked the 2nd best destination for Food Lovers. Morocco is certainly the perfect destination to taste delicious dishes.
  9. The Moroccan national drink “Tea” or “Berber whisky“ as Moroccans often refer to it. Green tea was introduced to Morocco in 1854 by British merchants, since then it has captured the nation’s taste with its ultimate refreshment that came from it being brewed with mint leaves and green tea.